Engelmann Field Progress

Historic Engelmann Field; it’s the one facility we have that we wouldn’t trade for any in the country.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t fix it up, which is what’s going on this summer.  FieldTurf is being installed as the new playing surface, which will allow practice and game competition frequently.  Also, the field dries easily and greatly reduces the possibility of injury.  Due to the heavy rains of the summer, the field has been put off schedule; so greatly, in fact, that the possibility of the Milwaukee Cup being played at Shorewood High School instead of Engelmann Field is there.  However, being someone who has followed FieldTurf installations in the past, I must say that this looks like it could be done by September 1st.  These pictures, taken for PantherU.com by John Jay Ward, move from August 10th to yesterday, August 12th.


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