Halftime update: MKE vs. UW

It’s halftime in Madison, and Sarah Hagen is limping, wrapped up like a mummy on her way to the Panthers’ “Locker Room” at McClimon Soccer Conmplex.  Some notes from the game:

– Hagen got hurt on a collision, came out, came back in, and it wasn’t working for her.  Milwaukee needs Hagen, but not when she’s gimpy.

– The goal by Nosbusch was UW’s second of the year.  Ouch.  I realize they played hard teams, but we’re down 1-0 against a 0-3-3 team.  Come on.

– McClimon Soccer Complex, while providing decent sight lines, is a terrible place to watch a soccer match.  There’s no fan support to speak of, and because of the hill and track, you’re so far from the action that it’s hard to get psyched up for the match.

– Looking for a Keara Thompson goal in the second half.  That’s my prediction: 2-1 Milwaukee on goals from Laurel Ragalie and Keara Thompson.


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