Horizon League is out on Moats

After being courted by over 20 Division I schools, Waconia MN forward Shelby Moats has whittled his list down to three universities.  His list does not include any teams from the Horizon League.

Moats was intrigued early on by the big cities of the Horizon League and other schools.  The eclectic East Side of Milwaukee was one of those, and Indianapolis, home of Butler, was also on his list.  Those two were joined by Green Bay, who put in the original D-I offer to Moats.  PantherU got an exclusive interview with Moats in August.

Instead of coming to the conference, Moats will now choose between Vanderbilt, Northwestern and Washington State.  Each of the schools is at a middling level in their respective conferences (SEC, Big Ten, Pac-10), but hasn’t enjoyed the same success as Butler or other schools with offers out to Moats.

Wazzou is in rural Pullman, Washington, along the border with Idaho.  Vanderbilt and Northwestern are from Nashville and Evanston, Illinois, respectively.

Butler’s standing with Moats had softened in recent months as it seemed the Bulldogs weren’t as interested, pursuing Cody Zeller along with Indiana and North Carolina.  Zeller and Moats have similar styles.

The Panthers have had their sights set on 2011 point guard Shaquille Boga for a long time now; landing Boga would mean the Panthers have locked in their top recruiting target every time since fall 2008: Ja’Rob McCallum/Lonnie Boga (Fall ’08), Mitchell Carter (Spring ’09), Kyle Kelm (Fall ’09), Kaylon Williams (Spring ’10), Ryan Allen (Late spring ’10).


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  1. Moats hasn’t had an offer from Butler for about a month.

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