I’m thankful for…

…Anthony Hill, who showed exactly why we were so high on him coming into this season.

…Ja’Rob McCallum, who found his shooting stroke and played with the confidence of a fifth-year senior.

…the coaching staff, who made the right adjustments and motivated a team down 18 at home to come within a shot of beating a quicker, hot-shooting team.

…those of you who made it out Saturday night and brought your friends.  Hopefully that excellent game will bring them back in the future.


2 Responses

  1. nice jimmy nice
    As stated somewhere i read you need
    to be the new marketing director
    I know you can do the job

    • Thanks for the support, but as I said last week, our current marketing problem isn’t Levar Ridgeway, it’s his extreme lack of support, both in money and in people. I mean, he’s the ONLY salaried employee in athletics for marketing (not the only department with that stupid problem). He also has a lot of red tape to cut through to do his job, which stops him from marketing as much as other schools can in dormitories and the union. Before we talk about getting rid of anyone, our university has to give those already here all the help they need. That means opening up avenues to market on campus that are currently shut down.

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