This is how it had to be.  With all due respect to Cleveland State, it just wouldn’t feel like destiny if we were facing Norris Cole and the Vikings on Tuesday.

No, it had to be Butler.

Matt Howard has one last chance to prove he can outplay Anthony Hill.

The Panthers put Valparaiso to rest on Saturday night, in a game that just wouldn’t end.  The Crusaders weren’t getting the calls they wanted, their shots to fall, and they came off the rails just enough for Milwaukee to take the advantage it needed.

And that’s what good teams do.  When the other team is off balance, they take advantage.  Milwaukee did it, Butler did it, and we’re all that’s left.  One game.

Butler is in the NCAA Tournament.  They’re safely off the bubble, unless Milwaukee blows them out by 45.  But that’s not going to happen.


Anthony Hill had Valpo's number. Tuesday is the biggest test of his career.

It’s going to be close, it’s going to be a battle, and it’s going to be for all the marbles.


I know that it’s only been done once, and our attendance this season hasn’t been great.  But I’m fully expecting 10,783 on Tuesday night – capacity – to see what figures to be one for the ages.  That 7,400 showed up last night, they numbered close to the golden years.  Hopefully, the golden years are returning.

To do that, we need to fulfill the destiny that we feel is ours.  To do that, it’s two simple words.

Beat Butler.

It needs to be updated, but a fairly good breakdown of the rivalry is on our site here.



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