For Panthers, Name of the Game is our place on the south side

Recently on the D-Board, the Panther fans discussed a deal at Boston Store that sold UWM sweatshirts for $20.  It was a one-day sale, but many of the fans (including yours truly) were annoyed to find that the t-shirts carried the academic UWM wordmark logo instead of any athletics logo, even the outdated belt buckle.

The problem is the same as it has always been.  Milwaukee fans have been forced to see stores stock one or two items at best, and never is the item actually something the fan wants to buy.  When you get junk like “Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers” out there, no one is buying it.  When no one buys it, the stores don’t restock the shelves with Panthers stuff.  They just assume that the Panthers don’t have a lot of buying fans and they decide to move past the Milwaukee-themed apparel.

What they don’t realize is that if you stock good stuff, people will buy it.  If they stock crap, we’re going to continue to get stuck in the circle of apparel death.  If only there were a place besides the bookstore that carried good stuff…

Fear no more!  In a trip to Southridge Mall today, I was planning on an awful tag-along trip with The Official Girlfriend of PantherU ™ to such wondrous establishments as Insert Girly Clothing Store Here and Hot Topic.  I made the slip at Maurice’s and made my way across the center of the second floor to Name of the Game.

For those of you who are unaware of Name of the Game, the store is owned by Bucky’s Locker Room, the company not owned by UW that has stores in the Kohl Center and Camp Randall Stadium.  The store has several Milwaukee locations, but the Southridge location just opened in April.  I was surprised not to only find Panther apparel, but GOOD Panther apparel.  While “University of Wisconsin” makes its appearance on a couple of the items, it’s only as a small section, with “MILWAUKEE PANTHERS” the prominent mark on almost all apparel.

In all, the stand in the middle of the store carries one hooded sweatshirt, two ladies shirts (cool ones too), three toddler and baby items, and five unisex t-shirts that are absolutely the cat’s pajamas and carry the Jimmy Lemke stamp of approval.  You guys know how picky I am, so you’ll be sure to find something you like there.

For me, little Frankie Pipito, the newest addition to my family, is going to get himself a couple of the baby stuff like “I’m a Lil’ Panther” and “Future Panther coming through!”

So we finally have a place to call our own.  If you live on the south side of Milwaukee or the suburbs, get over to Southridge and get your hands on some good old fashioned t-shirts.  And be sure to mention that PantherU sent you there.

New unis?

Thanks to Kaylon Williams (and Tommy Dunne for putting it on the board):

and the view from the front:

If we can get more pics, we’ll post them!

Jeter on WSSP

Rob Jeter on WSSP with Bill Michaels

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We don’t need no stinkin’ Badgers

Tonight.  7 p.m. Engelmann Stadium.

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