Yellow shoes should be permanent

Something that was a point of pride for the Panthers at the end of last season has been on my mind for a couple weeks: the bright yellow Adidas shoes.

Why?  Well, the reason is the Maryland Terrapins.  Those awful uniforms the Terps got so much attention for did just that – they brought attention to the Terps.  And like Oregon, Maryland will never wear the same uniform twice.

We don’t have a shoe company whose founder graduated from Milwaukee – yet – so we can’t go that far.  But like Boise State with the blue turf, can’t we have an iconic image associated with our team?

Why not the bright yellow shoes?  No one else does this shtick for more than a game, and if we brought the yellow shoes back permanently – or better, a school color gold – we could accomplish that “iconic image” in a cheap way.

They were enough of an image to be covered by Lance Allan of TMJ4 and could be our basketball team’s signature look.

What do you think?

Should the yellow shows become a permanent fixture of Milwaukee basketball?


Season Ticket Video

Don’t have your season tickets yet?  On the fence about whether or not you want to jump on the bandwagon before tournament time?  Check out this video:

Big props to the athletic department, particularly LeVar Ridgeway’s Marketing office, in producing this outstanding commercial.  It’s their best yet, in my opinion.

This is way better

Nate Waddell, Klotsche Krazie and talented with Photoshop, put together this version of the “Panther-Brewer-Packer” logo that I failed at with MS Paint last night.

Big round of applause from PantherU Nation for this Beast Mode-Title Belt-Neon Yellow Sneakers awesomeness of a logo.