Loyola gets a new logo

How’s this for a new logo?

Loyola unveiled a new, slightly-better-but-still-pretty-bad logo for their program's new beginning.

The Loyola Ramblers unveiled the new logo to the world that updates the look for Loyola as they move into the new era.

Loyola recently finished a $100 million renovation and construction for the newly christened Gentile Arena and Norville Center.  It’s pretty great.  What isn’t great? This logo.

Loyola’s design of a new logo really isn’t anything good.  This is what I see when I see Loyola’s new logo:

They still have a dog that is cross-eyed and looks happy/stupid like my cousin Danny at our family picnic last summer.  It literally looks like the people at Sports Graphics got some terrible direction from Loyola University, because the finished product looks like the original wolf logo slapped on Microsoft WordArt letters.

This is exactly what I see when I look at the new Ramblers logo:

My cousin Danny, Ramblin' on some WordArt.

Never mind that Illwauk, fan of the Panthers and freelance graphic designer, has already designed a waaaaaaaay better logo for the Ramblers.  Just go ahead and take the awful design and make it slightly better.

Illwauk's design of a football helmet with his new Loyola logo. Note: the new official logo is the terrible one, not this one.

Here’s an idea, Loyola.  Go pay Illwauk about 1/10th the price you paid Sports Graphics, give him vague guidelines, and watch him blow away every single sketch-up you saw SG come up with.

Just my two cents.


2 Responses

  1. Who’s to say that Sports Graphics didn’t come up with good logo ideas only to have Loyola’s AD turn them down? Unfortunately, money doesn’t always buy good taste.

  2. Wow… I hadn’t even seen this article until today… thanks for the kind words!

    What Joe is saying is certainly true in a lot of cases, but I have to wonder why a company called Sports Graphics even thought to submit anything with a gradient with all the problems gradiented logos cause in sports marketing. Even if it were a suggested by someone at the university who thought a gradient would make the wordmark look cooler or more unique, someone with the company should have reminded them of the difficulties gradients cause when printing or embroidering. Judging by the lack of Loyola merch with the new logo available online, I’m guessing that conversation never happened.

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