Getting to the Game

Want to get to the game but don’t know how to get to the Cell downtown? PantherU is here to help you out. For directions to the baseball stadium, go here.

This guy will take you to the game

Milwaukee Athletics offers a bus shuttle service for all students from the East Side campus directly to the U.S. Cellular Arena. Lamers provides buses to ensure the utmost comfort and enjoyment for students making their way to the game.

Shuttle buses begin leaving from Sandburg Hall approximately 90 minutes to game time. For 7 p.m. games, the first bus will leave at 5:30 and subsequent buses will leave when they fill up. PantherU suggests that if you are going in a big group, you might want to get to the buses early as the first couple buses usually fill up quickly.

Many students do not live within a short walk of Sandburg, as there are thousands dispersed in the Murray Hill neighborhood to the south as well as in UWM buildings such as RiverView and Kenilworth. For those students who live closer to North Avenue, the shuttle buses will make one stop in front of the RiverView Dorms to pick up any students living in that neighborhood.

Milwaukee Athletics spends mucho dinero every game on this shuttle service that is free for students, so PantherU asks all students to treat the bus and their driver with respect.

Not everyone wants to wait for the shuttle buses. Indeed, the doors do not open until 60 minutes to game time, but many students make the choice to arrive up to an hour before then to guarantee a front row seat in the student section. For those students, using your UPass on your student ID is a smart way to get there ahead of the curve.

Students can get from the Kenwood Campus to the Cell by hopping on the 30 route. The 30 picks up outside Sandburg and the Union and takes about 10-15 minutes to get to downtown. Students get off at the 4th and Wisconsin stop, which is immediately after passing Grand Avenue mall. The Cell is two blocks north of Wisconsin Avenue on the corner of 4th and Kilbourn. For the route schedule and map, visit here.

Following basketball games, the free shuttle service returns students to RiverView and then Sandburg Hall. In the past, buses have been slow to return, meaning some students have waited between 20-30 minutes. This season, however, Milwaukee Athletics has made accommodations to cut down the waiting time for students to return to campus.

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