PantherU Poll

Previous Poll Results:

Is adding a Third Team or Honorable Mention a good idea?

Winner: Yes, 60% (54 votes)

No, 36% (36 votes)

Who has looked most impressive thus far in men’s soccer?

Winner: Butler, 46.77%

Milwaukee, 22.58%

Valpo, 16.13%

Wright State, 11.29%

Green Bay, 3.23%

Would you support FCS (I-AA) football at your school?

Winner: Yes, college football is college football, 44%

Yes, college football is king and our campus could really use it, 28%

No, football costs way too much, 22%

No, I only want football if we’re playing for bowls, 6%

Overall: Yes to FCS, 72%, no to FCS, 28%.  Yes to FBS (I-A), 78%, no to FBS, 22%.

Long term, what helps the Horizon League the most? (229 votes)

Winner: Putting more teams in the postseason, 37.6%

Winning more games in the NCAA tournament, 32.3%

Adding decent basketball schools, 8.3%

No nice way to say it: cut Youngstown state, 7.9%

Getting on national TV, no matter the channel, 5.7%

Tough but balanced scheduling, 5.2%

If you had to trade coaches with any team in the Horizon League, who would you pick? (254 votes)

Winner: Ray McCallum Sr., 50%

Brad Stevens, 33%

Homer Drew, 5%

Which incoming guard do you think will have the most impact this season?

Winner: Ray McCallum Jr., 42.3%

Jason Calliste, 25.8%

Chrishawn Hopkins, 19,5%

Jay Harris, 7.4%

Kaylon Williams, 3%

Other, 2%

Who has the best projected starting back court in the Horizon League? 1484 votes total

Winner: Detroit, 78.5%

Butler, 13.7%

Wright State, 2.6%

What do you think of the new

Winner: Like it, 100%

PantherU is looking to set up interviews during the summer with Panther personalities, where the Black and Gold get to ask the Q’s. Who do you want to talk to?

Winner: Rob Jeter, 42.9%

Other, 21.4%

Tie: Chris Whalley and Scott Doffek, 14.3%

Student-athlete, 7.1%

What should be the main facilities focus of athletics

Winner: On-campus Basketball Arena, 42.9%

Baseball Stadium, 33.3%

Tie: Basketball Practice Facility and Engelmann Field Renovations,

Updating U.S. Cellular Arena, 4.8%

Who is the Panthers’ MVP?

Winner: Ricky Franklin, 46%

Anthony Hill, 35%

Jason Averkamp, 11%

Ja’Rob McCallum, 5%

Lonnie Boga, 3%

What should the Klotsche Krazies wear to set themselves apart
from other basketball student sections?

Winner: Nothing, gimmicks are lame, 29%

Crazy wig, 17%

Tie: Beer Goggles, Dress up, Black beret and sunglasses, 13%

Tie: Straight jackets and other, 8%

Now that you’ve seen the men’s basketball schedule, how many
road trips do you plan to make this season?

Winner: 5 or more, 36%

3-4, 27%

1-2, 27%

None, I’ll be watching on TW32 9%

Should Milwaukee athletics bring back NCAA D-I

Tie! 50% each for yes and no

Should be noted that people could vote more than once, which may
have skewed results

PantherU is looking to produce a new online TV show around
Panther Athletics. What type of show should we produce?

Winner: College Gameday, 52%

Sportscenter, 24%

Around the Horn, 24%

Who would win in a battle to the death?

Winner: Pounce Panther, 62%

Bucky Badger, 23%

Whatever Marquette’s mascot is this week, 15%

Phlash the Phoenix, 0%

4 Responses

  1. Our backcourt is not even going to be those guys you mentioned. Why not do some homework before you post stuff you are unsure about?

    YSU’s backcourt will consist of Vytas Sulskis and redshirt freshman Sheldon Brogdon (kid will be a star in the HL).

  2. Lots of Detroit fans voting…

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