Charles Lee

5’8” Point Guard

Milwaukee, Wisconsin user rating: 4 stars rating: 88

Suitors (Offer):

Milwaukee (Yes)

Green Bay (Yes)

Cleveland State (Yes): Committed 8.12.10

Loyola (IL) (Yes)

Florida International (Yes)

Iowa State (No) This small PG was another one of my favorite guys on the weekend (Real Deal in the Rock) with his mistake free play and calm demeanor. He has the ball on a string which allows him to get anywhere on the court he want to go. (Antonio Curro): As players went on Sunday, no one came close to matching Lee as he was absolutely spectacular in wins against the CP3 All-Stars and Pump N’ Run Elite while leading his team to the title game. In both wins no one on the floor was better than Lee who displayed a high major skill package and high major instincts to go along with excellent floor performance. Easily one of the premiere pure lead guards in the junior class, Lee was a man amongst boys and came up huge the final day. Exceptional effort.


2 Responses

  1. Letting him go to Cleveland St is going to hurt

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