Shelby Moats

6’9” Power Forward

Waconia, Minnesota user rating: 3 Stars rating: 92

Suitors (Offer):

Milwaukee (Yes)
Bucknell (Yes)
Green Bay (Yes)
Lehigh (Yes)
South Dakota State (No)
Utah (No)
William and Mary (No)
Butler (Yes)
Colorado State (No)
Iowa (Yes)
Iowa State (No)
Minnesota (Yes)
Northern Iowa (No)
Princeton (Yes)
Stanford (No)
Washington State (No)
USC (No)
Bowling Green (Yes)
Boston College (No)
Harvard (Yes)
Holy Cross (Yes)
Northeastern (Yes)
Rutgers (No)
Toledo (Yes)
Yale (Yes)
Creighton (No)
Providence (Yes) Moats is a strong physical player with an excellent outside touch. He has the ability to play inside and outside and can create matchup problems against smaller players with a soft inside touch around the basket and by stretching the court against bigger players.

PantherU Interview


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