Shameless Recruitment: Shaq Boga

Following the commitment from J.J. Panoske last week, I spent a lot of time breaking down the roster for down the road.  We are absolutely stacked both this season and next season, and I’m proud to say that coach Jeter has put together a very talented squad.  For the first time since Chris Hill graduated, we have a dedicated point guard in Kaylon Williams and a bevy of talent at every position.

Shaq Boga, 2011

Come to Milwaukee, Shaq: you're our future.

Unfortunately, however, Williams will only be on campus for two years.  So when I look down the road at the 2012-13 season and beyond, I see the same question marks at point guard that need a different answer: Shaq Boga.

Kaylon Williams is undoubtedly the starting point guard for the Milwaukee Panthers, as he will play through the 2011-12 season in that role.  Backing him up will be Ja’Rob McCallum, who is too good of a shooter to be a full-time point guard and would be better suited on the floor at the 2 spot.  So when Williams takes his game to the professional level, who will take over for him as the Panthers’ floor general?

I’m looking at you, Shaq Boga.

The Milwaukee Panthers need a point guard of the future, and the younger brother of wing guard Lonnie Boga fits the bill for us.  Just in case you’re leaning in any other direction, allow me to educate you as to why Milwaukee is the absolute perfect fit for Shaquille Boga:

Lonnie.  Duh. Your big brother played a big part in our 2009-10 season as a true freshman along with Ja’Rob McCallum, so you know that if you want some familiarity, who else could you play with that you’re more in sync than your brother?  Not to mention the fact that Lonnie’s 2/3 guard position is the perfect compliment to your 1 guard position.  Lonnie is already one of the most vocal leaders on the team, and having that kind of leader to help you grow as a player your first couple seasons will make you a better leader by the time you become “the guy” in Milwaukee.  Don’t forget, he’s also told us how happy and proud he would be if you chose to play with him in Milwaukee.

Bradford Beach is just east of campus, more than enough to entertain yourself from May through October.

Milwaukee and St. Louis are very much alike.  Switch out Budweiser for Miller, and the Mississippi River for Lake Michigan, and you’ve got very similar cities.  No, we don’t have football, but the most storied franchise in history is just a two-hour drive up the road in Green Bay if you want to check out the NFL action.  While we don’t have the Rams, we do have Bradford Beach right off of campus, which is the place to be in the hot summer months; most of our team is on campus year round, and the City of Festivals is a great place to spend June, July and August while you take summer classes and enjoy the, uh, scenery.

The keys to the team are yours in year 2.  Kaylon Williams will undoubtedly be the starting point guard in the 2011-12 season, your freshman year.  You could put up a ridiculous practice season and take the starting gig, but I’ll follow the lead of our coaches and be honest; you most likely won’t start until 2012-13.  What I’m telling you is this: that’s not a bad thing.  In the 2005 NFL Draft, Aaron Rodgers was selected in the 20’s, the second quarterback taken.  The first? Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers.  Smith was given the reigns to the team his rookie season.  After three years backing up Brett Favre, Rodgers became the guy in Green Bay.  Who do you think is the better QB now?  Rodgers learned under Favre and McCarthy.  You’re going to learn under Williams, who led the Missouri Valley Conference in assists as a freshman, and Rob Jeter, a coach not unfamiliar with the point guard position.  Our head coach knows how to recruit a point guard: the Dallas Mavericks jersey of Devin Harris is the only one hanging on the wall of his office.  That year of tutelage, whether as the main backup or as a redshirt, will make you that much better when you take over the reigns in your sophomore or redshirt freshman season.

Kyle Kelm

Kyle Kelm (44) is just one of the offensive weapons Shaq Boga would have at his disposal.

We’ve got the pieces for you already. While most of the teams you are being recruited by are still looking for pieces down the road, we can safely say that through at least your junior year, we’ve got the pieces in place at all but one spot on the floor, and every spot through your sophomore year.  J.J. Panoske is a great player to have next to you for every year you’re in uniform; the inside-out game you two could cultivate, paired with his ability to stretch the defense past the three-point line, gives you a very potent offensive player as a target every game you’re in the Black and Gold.  And he’s only the first.  This season, freshman shooting guard Evan Richard represents a two-guard that will likely redshirt and spend 4 years next to you on the court.  While Cuba City did not play the best of the best in his senior year, Richard did score 50 points in one basketball game, and as a junior at that.  He’ll come into Milwaukee with Kyle Kelm, a 6’9” power forward that can pass the ball out of the post with tremendous ease. So you even have multiple inside-out combinations for three of your four years in uniform.  Already.  A year before you even set foot on campus.

So take a long hard look at Milwaukee.  Because while you might get to see big college football and play in a conference like the Big Ten, you won’t find a situation nearly as beneficial for your college career as the one at Milwaukee.

Panoske’s a Panther!

Panoske figures to be a big part of coach Jeter's plans.

Almost a year after de-committing from the Green Bay Phoenix, Brodhead senior J.J. Panoske of the 2011 recruiting class has picked the Milwaukee Panthers, as first reported by Mark Miller of

Panoske, who scored 21.8 ppg as a junior for Brodhead, picked the Panthers for a bevy of reasons.  His relationship with Coach Rob Jeter, the proximity to his father and home, and attending school and playing in the city of Milwaukee were all major factors for Panoske in his commitment.

Panoske joins what is shaping up to be a stellar Panther frontcourt.  In the 2011-12 season, the Panthers could trot out a lineup of Ryan Haggerty, James Haarsma, Kyle Kelm, J.J. Panoske and Mitchell Carter, provided Carter receives an extra year of eligibility that he is currently applying for.

Recruiting attention turns to Shelby Moats and Shaq Boga, who would go a long way to complete the 2011 recruiting class for the Panthers.

Panoske’s commitment is a huge blow to archrival Green Bay, the school Panoske originally committed to in 2009 and backed out on months later.  It’s also tough to take for Tod Kowalczyk, the coach who originally got that commitment and tried to take Panoske with him to Toledo.